Flag Football Sunday

Had 2 games this morning they run about an hour each. If you’ve ever played flag football you know how much running around goes on. I play in the most competitive division in my city and don’t ever get off the field. This is why I train, so I’m still able to compete with these young bucks.

Core Gauntlet

NO DAYS OFF, Weekends can make or break you!
The gym I go to opens at 9am on Saturdays :/ sorry for a later post.

Light stretch and Warm-up
3 sets
50 reps Jump Rope-20 Air Squats-10 Burpee’s
Now it’s time for Muscle Pharm Abs/Core workouts!
Go through sets unbroken to get the most out of workout.
I place 25 lb plate on my back for Ab Rollers.
The only rest I got was the walk to each station, so I will look for ways to make it a little more challenging next time around, like adding weights or jump rope between sets.
Finished off with 3 Sets of Hanging Leg Rotations x 10 and 20 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike.
Have a great weekend!!

Fat Burner #81


Happy Flex Friday!

Be prepared to sweat! I’d recommend bring a towel or a shirt to change into after the workout.
Warm Up with a light stretch 2 x 20 air squats, 2 x 20 lunges, 2 x 30 sec wall squats.
800m run on treadmill 1.5 incline 7.5 speed.
Try your best to do all exercises unbroken, do your best to go thought the group of exercises with no rest. Take a breather when you shift to the next group of exercises, push through and get it.

I used a timer on my phone for the 1 minute of Jump Rope if you don’t want to use a timer it will be between 90-115 reps, I use a speed rope. I used a free-standing bench for Box Jumps and Step Ups , try your best to keep a steady pace while doing Jump Rope, Box Jumps and Step Ups.

Sprints on treadmill 1.5 incline 9.0 on speed. I should have pushed myself a little harder on the sprint maybe 10.0 or higher. I hit 29-38 Crunches in a minute if  I’d aim for 35 crunches a set without a timer.

Free Standing Bike at level 10 and I alternated Band Good Mornings with 20 x Jump Squats only because I didn’t have bands to work with.

Finished off 3 sets of Hanging Leg Rotations x 10

More about me :)

I should have given a little more information about myself In my first post. You can also get more information in the ABOUT section. I try my best to get to the gym at 5am everyday day if I don’t get there at 5am I go at 8:30am. I start my day off with working out, it gets my day going and my days always seem to be more productive. I’ve tried working out later in the day or after work but it doesn’t work for me. I feel drained and as if I’m not putting in work. That’s how I feel about my workouts, do what works for you. I also write down my workouts in a small easy to carry notebook to track the workouts and weight I use.Tracking your progress is very important so you can always push yourself. Please feel free to ask me any questions and please comment, it’s the only way these posts can grow and provide value to everyone. Please only positive vibes also constructive criticism is welcome :). I’ll always work to get posts up early give everyone time to absorb the information and catch each of you before you hit the gym. Don’t forget to reblog, comment and like these post it’s the only way I can reach more of people just like you.
YOU and your interaction are the driving force of the value I can provide.

Low Rep Shoulders


Warm up with light stretching, 5 min cardio bicycle & 2 min jump rope.
5 Sets
Military Press 5 reps @ 150lb Barbell
Arnold Press 5 reps @ 70lb Dumbbell
Last 2 sets really burned, knock out the last set light a champ!
5 Sets
1 Arm Lat 5 reps @ 60lb Dumbbell
Front Raise 5 reps @ 60lb Dumbbell
5 Sets
Rear Delt Flys 5 reps @ 65lb
Standing Shoulder Shrugs 5 reps @ (4) 45lb plates on each side
Push through the shrugs, the pump is real!
5 Sets – seems easy but shoulders should be burnt by now.
Full Frontal Raise 8 reps @ 60lb
Full Lateral Raise 8 reps @ 30lb
Did 3 sets to fail handstands push-ups with support of a wall.
Cardio 20 min elliptical.

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