German Volume Back



10 Sets

Pullups 10 reps, T-Bar Row 10 x (3) 45lb plates. Great pump!

10 Sets

Seated Rows 10 x 150lb, Dumbbell Pull-overs 10 x 85lb. Tough, last 2 sets put me to the test.

German volume with a twist: Wide Grip Pull-Downs 10 Sets 10 x 100lb. 10 sec. rest between sets.

German volume with a twist: Barbell Shrugs 10 Sets 10 x 180lb. 10 sec. rest between sets.

Rear Delts Flyes (machine) 10 Sets 10 x 100lb. 10 sec. rest between sets.

I was limited on time so I wasn’t able to get core/abs in, i’ll double down on Friday.

Shoulders on Blast



Light Stretch & Warm Up

Jump Rope 300 reps, Jumping Jacks 200  reps

6 Sets

Military Barbell Press 6 x 185lb, Lateral Raise 25 x 25lb. Last set was tough, great weight for an awesome pump.

5 Sets

Dumbbell Arnold Press 6 x 65lb, Dumbbell Frontal Raises 25 x 25lb. DB Front Raise was killer.

4 Sets

Lying 1 Arm side Lateral Raise 20 x 20lb, Dumbbell upright row 8 x 55lb. Great weight to get through the exercise.

3 Sets

Full Lateral Raises 20 x 25lb (killer), Rear Delt Raises 10 x 45lb.

3 Extra Sets of Barbell Shrugs 10 x 135lb just to get some extra pump.

Abs 3 Sets 10 Toe 2 Bar 10 Hanging Leg Rotations

Cardio 15 Min. max incline walk, speed level 3

Arms on Blast



Arms on Blast

Light Stretch and Warm Up

100 Air Squats 100 Lunges 100 reverse Lunges 250 reps Jump Rope

6 Sets

Straight Barbell Curls 8 x 110lb, Straight Bar Push Downs 25 x 110lb

5 Sets

Body Weight Skull Crusher 8 Reps, Preacher Curls 25 x Curl Bar with 25lb plates. Great pump!

4 Sets

Double Incline Dumbbell Curls 20 x 30lb, Dumbbell Rollback Skulls 8 x 40lb. Awesome pump on the incline curls, push through the burn. “Grow, MF, Grow!”

4 Sets

Bench Dips 20 reps (Elevated feet with 25lb plate), Reverse Curls 10 x 60lb. Great finish to an awesome workout.

Abs circuit on a flat bench- 3 Sets -Reverse Crunch x 25, Butterflies x 25, Bicycles x 50, Lying Leg Lifts x 20

Chest on Blast



Light stretch & Warm-Up

500 Rep Jump Ropes

6 Sets

Incline Barbell Press wide grip 6 x 185lb, Chest Flye Machine 25 x 100lb last 2 sets were a grind, great weight and good pump.

5 Sets

Incline Dumbbell Press 6 x 90lb, Incline Hammer Strength 25 x (2) 45lb plates great pum on hammer strength press.

4 Sets

Incline Smith Press 20 x 135lb, Flat Dumbbell Flye 8 x 60lb

3 Sets

Feet Elevated Push-Ups x 20, Cable Crossovers (Upper) 10 x 80lb

Extra Cable Crossovers sets (3) (Lower) x 80

Abs 3 sets Weighted decline crunches 10 x 60lb

Cardio: 15 min Floating elliptical machine

Fat Burner #93


Flex Friday!

Pretty straight forward I followed the workout above.

Treadmill walk was set to level 10 incline and 3.5 speed

Stepmill: Set resistance to Max last 2 minutes were tough.

Treadmill Run: I set speed to run a mile under 10 minutes.

The other exercises were set to a performance level instead of manual, fat loss or intervals.

Abs/Core 3 set 25 x barbell twist, 20 overhead squats.

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