Gut Check Wednesday



Light Stretch and Warm-Up

HIll Sprints Max incline @ 10 Mph 00:01:03, 1 mile run Max effort.

Db Clean & Press 50 reps each side 45lb DB

Tri Set 15 minute AMRAP

5 Reps of Iso Press 50lb DB, 5 Reps of Serrano Press 10lb DB, 10 Reps of Iso flys 50lbs 9 Rounds. I really pushed hard to get as many rounds as I could.

Barbell Shrugs 10 x 10 @ 225 lbs, 1 Set of 10 Rep Hold Method @ 135lb. Great pump & burn in the shoulders.

10 Minute Jump Rope

I ran out of time for Abs, but I will come back tomorrow to kill this set!


Gut Check Tuesday



Light Stretch & Warm-up

DB Chest Press 5 Sets of 10 Reps @ 75lbs, 1 Set Crazy 5’s @ 65lbs. Crazy Pump at the end I did not think i was going to make it through the crazy 5’s, well worth the extra push.

Dips 100 Total I broke up dips into 4 sets of 25 reps, minimal rest.


OverHead Tricep Extension 5 x 100lbs, 10 x 75lbs, 20 x 50lbs, DB Skull Crushers 5 x 60lbs, 10 x 50lbs, 20 x 40lbs, Tricep Pushdown Press 5 x 200lbs, 10 x 150lbs, 20 x 100lbs. This set of exercise’s really pushed my limits, felt great.

5 mile Stationary Bike ride.



Gut Check Monday



Just a quick update on these workouts which do seem to be geared more towards cutting weight and endurance while adding muscle. My wife asked me if I was doing anything different because my chest seemed bigger and my stomach seemed more defined. I’m not big on my weight or your weight how much someone weighs doesn’t define how athletic you are. I usually walk around 170-171 a bad diet on the weekend can get up to 174 or I can sit in the sauna and get down to 165. So i’m wanted to test my average weight I checked on Saturday before I worked out and was at 168.4lb and again this morning before I worked out and was 167.9lb. I will be checking again this week just to verify but these workouts do seem to be burning some extra unnecessary calories. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks

Light Stretch and Warm Up

10 Minute Stationary Bike

100 Pull-ups I had to break up the exercise into 5 sets of 20.

Tri-Set 10 Rounds

5 Reps of 1-Arm DB Rows @ 100lbs, 5 Reps of T-Bar Row @ (3) 45lb + 25lb plate, 5 Reps of Pull-Downs @ 180lbs. The only breaks I took was walking from the T-Bar and Pull-Down Machine. Great weight used good pump.

Tri-Set 5 Rounds

5 Reps each arm of Iso Curls @ 45lb DB, 5 Reps each arm of Hammer Curls @ 55lb DB, 10 Reps of Reverse Curls 60lbs BB. This circuit was great had an awesome pump, took small breaks between sets 15-20 seconds.

200 Reps of Sumo Squats (alternative to rowing machines)

Gut Check Friday



Warnup: Dynamic Stretch Routine. Great stretch I will start using this more.

Serrano Squat 3 Sets 3 x 185lb

Squat with 1/4 Rep 3 Sets 5 x 225lb

Bulgarian Rear Lef Lunges Misdirection Method 4 Sets 4 x 4. My Legs were burning after this set, go unbroken for best result.

Superset 3 Rounds: Hamstring Bridges 5 Reps, Manual Hamstrings 5 Reps with (2) 45lb plates.

Max incline Farmers walk on Treadmill 3 sets of 1 minute.


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