Fat Burner #93


Flex Friday!

Pretty straight forward I followed the workout above.

Treadmill walk was set to level 10 incline and 3.5 speed

Stepmill: Set resistance to Max last 2 minutes were tough.

Treadmill Run: I set speed to run a mile under 10 minutes.

The other exercises were set to a performance level instead of manual, fat loss or intervals.

Abs/Core 3 set 25 x barbell twist, 20 overhead squats.

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Light Stretch and Warm Up

10 minute Stationary Bike

6 Sets

Wide grip weighted Pull Ups  6 x 30lb, Seated Rows 25 x 120lb Last set became difficult pullups & seated rows.

5 Sets

T BarRows 3- sets 6 reps @ (3)45lb + 25lb plates, 2- sets 6 reps @ (4)45lb plates, V Bar Pull-Downs 25 x 120lb. Last 2 sets were though because of the added T Bar Row weight.

4 Sets

Wide Grip Pull-Downs 20 x 120lb, 1 Arm Dumbbell Row 6 x 100lb. This group of exercises really pushed the limits.

3 Sets

Dumbbell Pull-Overs 20 x 60lb, 1 Arm Cable Rows 12 x 60lb. Pull-Overs seemed a little easy, I will probably move up to 70lb Dumbbell next time.


3 Sets 50 reps Jump Rope, 20 Decline Sit-Ups

3 Sets 10 Toe 2 Bar, 10 Hanging Leg Rotation

Delt Blaster


Light Stretch and Warm Up 

500 reps of Jump Rope

5 Sets

Arnold Press 15 x 45lb, 12 x 50lb, 10 x 55lb, 8 x 60lb, 6 x 65 lb. Face pulls with resistance bands 20 reps. Good weight, Pump out that last set. 

5 Sets 

Machine Military Press 6 x 185lb, Full Frontal Raise 12 x 60lb, Lying 1-Arm Side Lateral Raise 12 x 25lb. Last set of military press was rough, make sure you go deep and extend to the top and lock it out. 

I broke up the last set of exercises into 2 groups due to the availability of equipment.

4 Sets

1 Arm Lateral Raise (Dumbbell) 8 x 30lb, 1-Arm cable Lateral Raise 20 x 30lb.Make sure you go unbroken. 

Barbell Shrug and Hold 15 x 135lb, Lateral Raise 100 x 10lb. (1st Set 50 reps, pause 50 more reps, 2nd set 30, 30, 30, 10, 3rd set 40, 30, 30, 4th set 25, 25, 25, 25) I never put the weight down during rest period. Feel the burn!!

Abs 3 sets Hanging Leg Rotation 10 reps

Cardio 1 Mile run in under 8 minutes.

Certified Guns 2

Light Stretch & Warm Up
10 minute stationary bike

I grouped some of the exercises a little differently only because there was so many people were in the gym and what was available to me at the time. I don’t like waiting around on other people.

5 Sets

Straight Bar Curls: 8 x 100lbs good weight will move up in to 110lb next time around, Incline Bench Dumbbell Curls 30lb last set had a good pump, push yourself, Body Weight Skulls: 10 reps

5 Sets

Straight Bar Push-Downs: 100lb x 20 Full reps 20 reverse 1/4 reps, Cable Curls 100lb x 20 reps, Resistance Band Push-Downs 30 reps

5 Sets

EZ Bar Skull Crushers on flat bench 20 reps @ 25lb + 10lb plates, Wide Grip EZ Bar Curls 8 reps @ 25lb + 10lb plates, Wrist Curls 40lb x 20 reps

Core: 4 Sets: Back Extensions 40 Reps, Hanging Knee-Ups 20 reps

Abs 3 Sets of Hanging leg rotations

Cardio: Treadmill Run 5 minutes @ 1.5 incline 7.5 speed, Tabata Sprints 5 minutes @ 1.5 incline 11 speed, Incline Walk 5 minutes @ Max incline 3.0 speed

Motivation Monday

Life is a GIFT, live YOUR life to the fullest. Love your family & friends, provide value to others. Make money & give more. Pray & give thanks. Everyday be the GREATNESS you, you can be! Always remember whatever your doing today is the same thing someone did one their last.

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