I started doing Muscle Pharm workouts about a few years ago after following Laron Landry on IG. He would post these work outs daily during the football season and i was hooked. Now I follow Muscle Pharm for the daily workouts and love the daily challenge each workout brings. I usually start off with a light stretch to a 5-10 minute warmup to get the blood and oxygen flowing. Then get the workout started, finish off with core & light cardio. I personally do 4 days of lifting workouts 1 day of Fat Burner workout, 1 day of Core/Abs and a rest day (Sunday). Flag Football on Sundays (in-season), 5k runs and/or obstacle courses 1-3 times a year. I’ve compete Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Color Run & Jailbreak Run. I’d like to do Spartan Race and a Zombie run soon. I train to stay in shape for an active living and keep up with my kidos. Please feel free to comment and ask me any questions.

Update: At this point after following different diet plans for about a year ive found what works for me with the guidance of a coach. Ive been lifting and eating right constantly and have maintenaed great results.  With the knowledge ive obtained about food, nutrition and body building I step out of my conforrt zone and compete in a body building competeion. I soon plan to compete in a power lifting competition as well.

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