NPC Show & Shoot Prep

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End of February after following Anabolic Fasting for mass. I was eating cookies & ice cream pretty much every night with cheat meals twice a week, pizza Friday night pancakes Saturday morning. I’ve got 2 kids so they loved it!

I started March with normal AF protocol and did my best to limit my cheat meals since we had a vacation planned for my son’s birthday. During vacation I wanted to enjoy myself so I either fasted all day until we ate big or I stuck to proteins, fats, veggies for one meal and had a moderated cheat for my 2nd meal without nightly carb spikes.
After this vacation (mid March) I knew I wanted to dial it in for my 1st NPC show.

I followed the normal Anabolic Fasting protocol 9-11oz of protein, a bag of veggies & a servicing of fats with 2 re-feed meals a week where I incorporated 1 cup of sweet potato with my meals. Re-feed was 1st meal on Wednesday and Friday. I continued to use bananas and peanut butter for carb spikes nightly.

6 weeks out I went to only green veggies.
3 weeks out no re-feed days & I used sweet potato for nightly carb spikes.
2 weeks out no re-feed days or carb spikes also used only asparagus for veggies.
1 week out beef and nuts all week.


FullSizeRender 2

I’ve follow the GET STACKED plan so I stuck to all workouts provided. I started to notice major changes when I included AM & PM abs on a daily basis. As far as lunges go I started doing 400-600m 4-5 times a week. 7 weeks out I did 4 days 800m and 2 days 400m with a weight vest. I cut out lunges and squats the peak week.

Putting a date on the calendar sets you apart from the rest, keeps you focused and pushes you to be your best. This out of state completion was June 10th and my 34th birthday was June 11th so it was a great way to celebrate and create memories. Having my mind set on competing opened other doors, I had a photo shoot a few days before the completion and will have another photo shoot this week. Together with Cory’s guidance, this site and using all the information provided, I know I can be strong & shredded year round. has all the resources needed to obtain the goals you set for yourself. I spent a month studying the posing tutorials with Tom Snyder for about 30 minutes daily. I read over @jay_azeltine’s show prep blogs, I went over and over all the Anabolic Fasting videos leading up to the competition. I understand my body even more and how nutrition plus exercise will make the changes desired. I’ve learned much more than I ever could have on my own with the map and game plan. This was the second time I had to prep for something like this and each is a different experience and experiment on your body. Im grateful to have a resource like this, not only for physical gains but the mental gains as well.

Next challenge another NPC show in August (goal is to win my category) and a powerlifting meet in September (goal is to squat 500 at 150).
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