Explosive Leg Workout

GHD: 15 reps, Back Extensions: 15 reps, Weighted crunches: 25 reps, Walking Lunges: 2-3 minutes

Box Squat: 5 x 135lbs, 5 x 225lbs, 3 x 315lbs, 3 x 365lbs

5 Rounds
EXPLOSIVE CIRCUIT: with weighted vest
Weighted Low Box (24inch box) Jumps: 6 reps, Weighted Set Ups: 6 Reps each leg, Weighted Jumping Switch Lunges – 6 reps, High Box Squat High Box Jumps (36inch): 2 reps

3 rounds
Calf Raises – 30 each way standing (Toes out, toes in, toes straight): 115lbs to 100 reps Jump rope with weighted vest

Weighted Crunches: 8 sets 25 reps, Straight Leg Lifts: 5 sets of 25 reps

11am – 12oz Chicken Breast / 2 cup veggies / nuts
7pm – Cheat Meal Pizza

Full Mega
MegaWatt V2 PreWorkout
AlphaSurge DRV
Check out the stack I’m currently on.


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