Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Ive been questioned everyday the last 2 weeks about a choice I made so I thought provide an insight.

Reasons I shaved my head.

1. It’s just hair it will grow back.

2. I like to test myself. Test myself in a way that would make myself and/or others uncomfortable.

3. Some people have it way worst then me.

4. You need to be comfortable with change and being uncomfortable.

5. Excepting new challenges which will help me grow.

6. It’s BADASS!!!

As a society we spend to much time worrying about what other people think about our appearance and don’t spend enough time thinking about how we feel about ourselves. Self image is what matters most. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are, there’s only one of you.It’s important to test yourself mentally by consistently making yourself uncomfortable. To help make yourself all around strong with mental toughness. Find out who you really are.

Attempt to practice reducing fear or uncomfortable situations by placing yourself in certain senecio’s that will help you take the fears out of yourself. You don’t grow mental toughness being comfortable, raise your expectations. This helps you understand it won’t ever get as bad as you think it will and you have it so much better than you think. Confidence comes from tiny victories everyday, Confidence comes from understanding yourself and the reality of the situations is your not going to die. If you need more confidance go do more of what make you uncomfortable.

You will be less scared.

You will get better.

You will build confidence.

You will start winning.


I don’t fear what others think of how I cut my hair and that’s part of the reason I did it, to remind myself that I don’t fear what other think of me. In the end I want to like me and I want to respect me! I wouldn’t respect myself without knowing I challenged myself everyday.

Ways to challenge yourself/standards/society

Shave you head


Stay up for more that 24 hours

Wearing the same cloths for a week

Eating rice and beans for a week

If you stop updating you stay the same, if you stay the same you don’t evolve, if you don’t evolve you die.

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