Ballon #Arms

Upper Body 2 Set Warmup: Band Pushdowns: 30 reps, Band Pull Apart: 30 reps, 2 Move Rotator Cuffs: 20 reps each arm
Close Grip Incline Bench: 3 x 95lbs, 3 x 115lbs, 3 x 135lbs, 1 x 155lbs
Incline Dumbbell Rollbacks: 15 x 25lbs, Incline Triceps Press Elbows Out: 15 x 25lbs, Flat Bench Normal Dumbbell Rollbacks: 15 x 25lbs, Close Grip body Weight Skull Crushers: 15 reps
5 Tri-Set BICEPS
Close Grip Preacher Curls: 20 x 20lbs, Incline Dumbbell Curls: 20lbs x 5 Regular Reps, 5 Hammer Curls, 5 Hang Twist, 5 Full Reps with rotation Regular/Hammer, DB ISO Curl: 15 x 20lbs
4 Tri-Set – TRICEPS
Straight Bar Pushdowns: 20 x 100lbs, Band Pushdowns: 20 reps, V- Bar: 20 x 100lbs
4 Tri-Set BICEPS
Reverse Curls: 15 x 40lbs, Forearm Curls: 20 x 40lbs
Squats: (3) 10 x 135llbs
Post Workout Aminos and Protein
2pm – 8oz Brisket, 1 cup veggies, ¼ butter
6pm – 8oz Chicken, 1 cup veggies
8pm – Cup of Oatmeal

MegaWatt V2 PreWorkout
AlphaSurge DRV

Check out the stack I’m currently on.

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