Upper Body 2 Set Warmup: Band Pushdowns: 30 reps, Band Pull Apart: 30 reps, 2 Move Rotator Cuffs: 20 reps each arm
8 Set Bench Press – Super Wide Grip: 12 x 165lbs
4 Sets Deep Chest Flys: 12 x 35lbs
6 Set Superset
Incline Bench Press Dumbbells: 12 x 45lbs (super slow & controlled)
Incline Chest Fly’s: 12 x 35lbs
100 Push-ups Total for Burnout!
FRONT SQUAT: 5 Count Pause
1 x 95lbs, 1 x 135lbs 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 205lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 245lbs
5 Sets – Lying Leg Curls: 5 x 80lbs
3 Sets – Walking Lunges with 25lbs dumbbells
11am – 8oz Chicken Breast, 1 cup of veggies, handful of nuts
5pm –10oz Ground Turkey, 1 cup of veggies, 1 avocado
7pm Carb Spike – 2 bananas

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