Big #Shoulders

2 set Warmup: Back extensions 25 reps, Weighted Crunches 20 x 50lbs, 2 Move Rotator cuff 20 reps each arm
8 Super Sets
Unsupported Behind the Neck Press: 12 x 95lbs, Rear Delt Cable flys: 15 x 30lbs
6 Super Sets
Arnold Press: 12 x 55lbs, Lying Side Laterals: 12 x 25lbs
Finisher – Not allowed to set down the weight
100 REP Lateral Raises with 10lbs
Front Squat 1 Rep Max With belt
10 x 95lbs, 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 245lbs, 1 x 285lbs, 1 x 305lbs (missed) Drop Set: 5 x 225lbs
3 Sets – 200ft Walking Lunges, 200ft Sled Drag
20 Minutes step mill
11am – 10oz Chicken, 8oz veggies, 1/2 avocado
5pm – 8oz Chicken Breast, 10oz veggies, 1/4 butter
8pm Carb Spike – Weight Gainer and banana

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