Massive #Chest

Upper Body 2 set Warmup (non-stop, quick)
Band or Triceps Pushdowns – 25 reps
Band Pull Apart or Face Pulls – 25 reps
2 Move Rotator Cuffs – 25 reps each arm
8 Sets
Bench Press – Super Wide Grip – 20 x 135lbs,
6 Super Sets
Incline Bench Press – Super Wide – 15 x 135lbs, Deep Chest Fly’s – 12 x 30lbs
4 Super Sets
Dumbbell Pullovers – 12 x 60lbs
Deficit Pushups – 15 reps
Front Squat- 5 Count Pause: 1 x 95lbs, 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 205lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 245lbs, 1 x 285lbs (missed)
9 minutes fast pace lunges on treadmill
20 Minutes step mill
Finally got some knee sleeves (Christmas Gift) I have to say I’ve always been skeptical about knee sleeves but these really help some how. I got down into the pocket quickly and popped out easily even after these pause reps. I was feeling a little ambitious so I went for 285 which I missed I sure it was the long pause. I kept them on for the lunges and step mill to break them in a little and found no issues.
10am Green Smoothie
4pm 12oz Brisket, 1 cup of broccoli, handful of nuts
6pm Carb Spike – Cheesecake, Lenny & Larry’s cookie

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