#Chest Volume

Upper Body 2 set Warmup
Triceps Pushdowns: 50 x 75lbs, Face Pulls: 50 x 75lbs, 2 Move Rotator Cuffs: 20 x 75lbs, Lying Leg Curls: 20 x 50lbs, Toes to Bar: 10 reps
4 Super Sets: Incline Barbell 3 Grips- 10 Close – 10 medium – 10 Wide x 115lbs, Chest Fly’s 15 x 50lbs
Dumbbell Work 4 Super-set
Winding Incline Press 8 x 60lbs, Winding Flat Press 8 x 70lbs
4 Super Sets Flat bench Barbell 3 Grips: 10 Close – 10 medium – 10 Wide x 135lbs, Incline Bench Flys: 15 x 40
Machine Flys 25 x 80lbs
Front Squat: 3 x 135lbs, 3 x 135lbs, 3 x 285lbs, 3 x 285lbs, 3 x 225lbs
Felt really good after this workout I’ve be pushing myself more to get more out of my workouts and grow (muscle mass). I watched some football with my wife so I knew the eating wasn’t the best but you have to make the right decisions, stick to protein & veggies a low sugar low sodium sauce. You can also look for a place that grills the wings instead of frys them.
11am – 8oz Ground Beef, 1 cup of veggies, 2 handfuls of nuts
8pm – 12 Chicken Wings, no fries, no ranch, celery and carrot sticks no added fats since wings are fried.
9pm Carb Spike – Cliff bar, Lenny & Larry’s cookie

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