Throwback Thursday 

My fitness journey isn’t that typical to most. I was always active and into sports growing up and never really had an issue with weight. During college I lost my motivation to stay fit and eat whatever I wanted. As you can see it took a toll on me and my body. I decided one day to make a long term change and compete with myself to create a better me. I want people to know it hasn’t been easy I do some type of physical activity everyday I watch very closely what I eat and I work hard to maintain. Ive learn so much over the years of exercise but this past year has been a game change in regards to nutrition. Everyone has heard the old cliche “abs are made in the kitchen” I always though that guys so lucky to have abs and defended muscles. What I didn’t know is there was a secret that I didn’t open my eye to because it was right in front of me, FOOD! This past year i’ve paid attention to what Ive eaten and the effects it had on me. I tested many different nutrition plans on my own body to mold and create the physique I always admired. Now with the combination of dedication, physical fitness and nutrition I know I will always be able to have the body I aim for. Today more than ever I have more energy, more focus, more confidence all which I attribute to health and exercise. 

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