Arm #Pump, Deadlift & #SQUATS

Warmup – 3 Set Superset
Back Extensions: 10 reps , Weighted Leg Ups : 10 x 20lbs, Good Mornings 20 x 90lbs, Stiff leg deadlifts – 10 x 90lbs
Squat: (4) 10 x 135lbs
Conventional Deadlift Standing on 2 plates: 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 315lbs, 1 x 365lbs, 1 x 385lbs, missed 1 x 405lbs
Arm Pump
5 Super Sets: Preacher Curls: 100 x 45lbs, Skull Crushers: 100 x 30lbs
5 Super Sets: Straight Bar Pushdowns: 8 x 200lbs, Preacher Curls: 6 x 115lbs
5 Super Sets: EZ Bar Skull Crushers: 10 to nose, 10 to forehead, 10 behind the head x 60lbs, EZ Bar Curls: 10 to chest, 10 to chin, 10 to forehead x 60 lbs
5 Super Sets: Incline DB Curls: 8 x 30lbs, Bodyweight Skulls: 12 reps
Crazy Pump! I feel like my biceps are inflated. Had a cheat meal yesterday full of carbs so I’m sure its played a part in the pump.
12pm – 5 eggs, ¼ stick of butter, 1 tortilla
7pm – 10oz chicken, 1 of broccoli, ½ avocado

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