VOLUME #Shoulders

Upper Body 2 set Warmup
Triceps Pushdowns: 50 x 75lbs, Face Pulls: 50 x 75lbs, 2 Move Rotator Cuffs: 20 x 75lbs, Lying Leg Curls: 20 x 50lbs, Toes to Bar: 10 reps
Behind the Neck Shoulder Press: 5 Sets 20 x 115lbs
Lateral Raise 12 x 30lbs, Frontal Raise 12 x 30lbs, Standing Military Press 12 x 80lbs
Side Lying laterals 15 x 20lbs, Cable Upright Rows 15 x 100lbs, Cable Shrugs Behind the Body 15 x 200lbs (Used rope for rows & shrugs)
High Bar Squat 5 Second Pause: 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 275lbs, 1 x 315lbs
WALKING LUNGES 400m with 40lbs
Belt Cable Marches -3 sets of 5 minutes


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