Warmup – 3 Set Superset

Lying Leg Extensions: 10 x 50lbs, Toes to Bar: 10 reps, Good Mornings -10 x 135lbs, Stiff leg deadlifts – 10 x 135lbs

5 Sets

Barbell Military Press Standing: 20 x 95lbs

4 Set Supersets

Arnold Press: 8 x 60lbs

Lying side laterals raise: 6 x 35lbs

4 Set Supersets

Dumbbell Upright Rows: 8 x 30lbs (need to move up in weight)

Dumbbell Shrugs : 20 x 80lbs

3 Set Quad-sets on an incline bench

Y’s 15 reps, T’s : 15 reps, Arrows: 15 reps, Presses’s, 15 reps x 10lbs (killer pump)


25 x 45lbs, 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 245lbs, missed 1 x 275lbs, 1 x 245lbs, Dead Stop Front Squat: (2) 1 x 225lbs, 1 x 245lbs

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