Bicepts & Tricepts 

Front Squat: (6) 10 x 135lbs(5) Super Sets: BB Curls: 12 x 80lbs, BB Skull Crushers: 12 x 80lbs

(5) Super Sets: Alt DB Curls: 20 x 35lbs, Elevated Bench Dip: 25 Reps

(5) Super Sets: Incline DB Curls: 12 x 25lbs, One Arm DB Tri extension: 12 x 25lbs 

(4) Super Sets: Con Curls: 15 x 25lbs, Over Head DB Extension: 15 x 50lbs 

(4) Super Set: Rope Push Down: 25 x 85lbs, Cable Curls: 25 x 85lbs

(4) Super Sets Reverse Push Downs: 25 x 55lbs, Reverse Cable Curls: 25 x 60lbs

(4) Super Sets: Over Head Rope Extension: 25 x 75lbs, Rope Cable Curls: 25 x 75lbs

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