Arms + Squat

500 Meter RowLow Box Squats: (5) 5 x 315lbs

Super Set: (5) Tricep Push Press: 10 Reps, Cheat Curls: 10 x 135lbs

Super Set: (5) Straight Bar Cable Pushdowns/ Straight Bar Cable Curls: 20 x 50lbs

Super Set: (4) Reverse Cable Pushdowns/ Reverse Cable Curls: 20 x 30lbs

Super Set: (4) Cable Rope Curls\ Overhead Extension: 10 x 100lbs 

Super Set: (4) Incline DB Curls/ Tricep Extensions: 15 x 25lbs 

Super Set: (3) Hammer Curls: 20 x 50lbs, Skull Crushes: 20 x 60lbs

Tri Set : (4) Machine: Preacher Curls: 20 x 60lbs, Tricep Extensions: 20 x 80lbs, Dips: 20 x 100lbs

Burn Out Set: 100 Rep Dips / BB Curls: switch when you get tired. 

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