Chest + Squat

New Diet starts this week. I’ve been carb cycling since January 5 days off 2 days in carbs but have been eating large amounts of whatever I want on the weekend. I went from 164 to 148 the first 2 months and adjusted the diet to gain back some mass this last 5 weeks I’m around 154. I want to keep the mass but tighten up in some areas so I’m going 3 days off carbs 1 day on only clean eating all the way through. 

Flat Bench: (4) 25 x 145lbsBench Flys: (4) 20 x 40lbs

Bench Pullovers: (4) 15 x 75lbs

Incline DB Bench: (4) 20 x 55lbs

Squats: (2) 20 x 135lbs, (2) 10 x 225lbs, (2) 5 x 285lbs

Iso Lateral Wide Chest: (2) 20 x 90lbs, (2) 10 x 135lbs

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