15 Minute Max Incline Walk

Hack Squats: (5) 10 x 135lbs

Close Stance Squat: (5) 10 x 135lbs

Super Set: (5) Standing Strict Shoulder Press: 20 x 70lbs, Lying Shoulder Raise: 12 x 15lbs

Tri Set: 5 Sets: Arnold Press, Lat Raise, Front Raise: 15 x 25lbs each exercise.  

Quad Set: (5): Upright Rows w/ 45lbs weight, Full Lat Rasie w/ 25lbs DBs, Full Frontal Raise w/ 45lbs weight, Rear Delt Flys w/ 25lbs DBs: 15 Reps each exercise. 

Hang Cleans: (5) 10 x 135lbs

Face Pulls: (5) 20 x 50lbs

Toe 2 Bar: (4) 15 Reps

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