Squat, Back + Bicep 

Size and Cardio Workout
*Complete each circuit three times and rest 2 minutes after completing each round

Circuit 1 

A) Wide Grip Pull Down 15 reps

B) Strait arm Pull Down 15 reps

C) behind head pull downs 25 rep

D) Pull ups blk band till failure

Circuit 2

A) Incline Bench T Raise 15 rep

B) Incline Bench I Raise 15 rep

C) V bar Rows 25 reps 

D) Dumbbell bent over row three variation grip (10 reps per grip position)

Circuit 3

A) EZ bar cable curl 15 rep

B) Axial Curls 15 reps 

C) Decline dumbbell curl 25 reps

D) Isolated curls till failure

Squat: 4 Sets

10 x 225lbs


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