Squat + Snatch

5 Minute Stationary BikeLift A: Overhead Squat With Pause:Raise a barbell straight above your head, arms spaced wide for support. Lower steadily into a squat. When your glutes pass the point of your knees, hold for a few seconds. Slowly extend to return to standing.

10 x 45lbs, 8 x 95lbs, 6 x 105lbd, 4 x 105lbs, 2 x 115lbs, 1 x 125lbs, 1 x 135lbs, 1 x 135lbs

Lift B: Snatch: With legs hip-width apart, grab a barbell on the floor (the bar should be above the balls of your feet). Straighten your knees and hips; when the barbell passes your knees, jump upward and shrug your shoulders, pulling the barbell above your head as you drop into a squat. Stand, lower the bar, and repeat

6 sets 

Balance Snatch: 10 x 45lbs

sots press: 10 x 45lbs

drop snatch: 10 x 45lbs

Snatch Press: (2) 10 x 45lbs, (2) 10 x 95lbs, (2) 10 x 135lbs

Three or Four Supersets

Back Extension x 20

Glute-Ham Raise x 20

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