Squat + Jerk

I’m on vacation so I’m using a hotel gym, but I’ll make it work without a squat rack. Lift A: Back SquatPosition a barbell across your upper back and space your feet shoulder-width apart. Kick your hips behind you as you bend at the knees to lower until your glutes drop below parallel. Straighten your legs, pressing through the soles of your feet to stand.Back Squat: 6 sets: 25 x 135lbs

Lift B: Clean and Jerk Combine the clean motion (bringing the bar from the floor to a racked position as in day one) with a jerk: at the end of the clean, bend your knees slightly, then jump up, splitting your legs in a staggered stance and at the same time pressing the weight overhead. 

Clean and Jerk: 10 x 45lbs, 8 x 65lbs, 6 x 95lbs, 4 x 135lbs, 2 x 155lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 185lbs, 1 x 205lbs

8-Minute AMRAP

Rear Delt Flys x 20

Lateral Raise x 15

Arnold Press: 20

12.5 Rounds @20lbs

 8-Minute AMRAP

Shoulder Press: 20 x 50lbs

DB squeeze & shrug: 25 x 25lbs

15 Rounds

6 sets BB Shrug: 25 reps: 135lbs

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