Squat + Hang Snatch

Lift A: Deadstop Squat This motion is just like the back squat except you will be starting in the bottom position with your glutes below knee-level and the barbell resting on a rack or blocks (hence the “deadstop”). Rise then lower, racking the bar between reps.10 x 45lbs, 8 x 95lbs, 6 x 135lbs, 4 x 225lbs, 2 x 275lbs, 1 x 315lbs, 1 x 335lbs, 1 x 345lbs missed, 1 x 315 from the bottom up. Lift B: Hang Snatch Stand, holding the barbell with both hands in front of your thighs. Bend your knees slightly, then straighten them rapidly, shrugging your shoulders and jumping upward. “Pull” your body under the bar, catching it on the front of your shoulders, as you lower into a deep squat. Stand to finish your rep.

Still working on this movement.

Sots press: 6 Sets: 10 x 45lbs

Tall clean: 6 sets: (2) 45lbs, (2) 95lbs, (2) 135lbs

+ Walking Lunge x 400 

Hanging ab routine 3 sets

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